ST. Francis

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 "He was very eloquent, with a cheerful appearance and a kind face; free of laziness and arrogance. He was of medium height, closer to short, his head was of medium size and round. His face was somewhat drawn, his forehead small and smooth, with medium eyes black and clear. His hair was dark; his eyebrows were straight, and his nose even and thin; his ears were small and upright, and his temples smooth. His tongue was peaceable, fiery and sharp; his voice was powerful, but pleasing, clear, and musical. His teeth were white, well set and even, his lips were small and thin; his beard was black and sparse; his neck was slender, his shoulders straight; his arms were short, his hands slight, his fingers long and his nails tapered. He had thin legs, small feet, fine skin and little flesh. His clothing was rough, his sleep was short, his hand was generous."  


This physical description of St. Francis of Assisi comes to us from Thomas of Celano, the first biographer of the saint, who was writing in 1220, just three years after the saint's death. Many other authors have attempted to leave us a record of St. Francis' life and spirituality. To learn more about this little poor man of Assisi click on each of the following topics:

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