Becoming a Poor Clare



If by divine inspiration, anyone should come to us desiring to accept this life, the Abbess is required to seek the consent of all the sisters; and if the majority have agreed, she may receive her."


God calls everyone in a unique way and discerning your own vocation is a journey you take in dialogue with God through prayer; in dialogue with yourself by examining your own inner attractions and spiritual life; in dialogue with a spiritual director or trusted friend and in dialogue with the religious communities you seek out.

Becoming a Poor Clare begins with an invitation from God. It is a gentle, yet persistent movement of the heart toward the One Who calls. Knowing what we would look for in a candidate might help you discern God’s call to you. Those called to our Poor Clare contemplative life are those……………

-- whose hearts have been touched by a divine call, perhaps just a small whisper saying, “Come to Me, be Mine!”

-- who want to give their whole lives to God, holding nothing back and expecting nothing in this life but the joy of serving Him.

-- who feel attracted to prayer, to spending quiet time with the Lord alone.

-- who love life and are happy but feel within themselves that something is still missing and are not yet satisfied that they are doing God’s will in their lives.

-- who have loving and healthy relationships with family and friends but feel drawn to a deeper, more exclusive relationship with Christ.

-- who are mature and have taken responsibility for their lives but feel urged to surrender more completely to the Divine will.

-- who have the courage to say “Yes.” to God.

Other basic requirements for a candidate to our Poor Clare life here in Fort Myers Beach, Florida would be the following:

-- Ideally, young women between the ages of 20 and 40, although this is not carved in stone and we try to judge each inquiry on an individual basis.

-- A candidate should be a practicing Catholic, that is, someone who attends Mass frequently and receives the sacraments on a regular basis. Also, someone who has been involved some way in her parish or local church and who has established a regular routine of personal prayer.

-- Good physical and psychological health is a basic requirement and having a good sense of humor is an important quality in someone called to community life.

-- A candidate should be debt-free and not be currently responsible for aging parents and/or dependent siblings.

A Poor Clare Nun is called by God to come apart and be with Jesus in prayer and contemplation, in praise, adoration and thanksgiving. She is graced with a share in the original charism, or spirit, that filled St. Francis and St. Clare and prompted them to leave all and give themselves entirely to living the gospel life in imitation of Christ for the salvation of souls.

If you feel called by God, call us or e-mail us. We will be happy to assist you and pray for you as you seek to know God's will for you. You may want to explore the following websites for more information on the meaning of a vocation and the richness of a Poor Clare life: